A blog?

A place to gather useful tips and news related to data analysis and document preparation.

Guilherme D. Garcia


April 23, 2023

On my website, I have a number of tutorials on R, \(\LaTeX\) and some other stuff I do/use on a regular basis. I see tutorials as a way to share tips with people who use the same tools that I use, but it’s also a great way to concentrate information on a single space that I myself can go back to whenever I forget how to do something I’ve already done. Naturally, if that’s one of the goals, a blog is certainly more efficient and more dynamic. So here we are.

The whole point of this blog is therefore to gather useful information related to coding, document preparation, and some technical aspects of what I do in my research and teaching in academia. Because I’m in linguistics (phonology), a lot of topics here will be directly or indirectly connected to that. I’m a big fan of graphic design, so typesetting is unsurprisingly a topic I really enjoy. Likewise, data visualization has always played a major role in my approach to data analysis and academic writing. So, many posts here will directly or indirectly connected to those topics.

I’ve recently started an R package called Fonology. I hadn’t worked on a package before, so some of the posts here will also serve to document that experience and the technical limitations involved in developing an R package for phonological analysis. The limitations also stem from the fact that I’m not a programmer: I simply like playing around with (and learning about) coding 🫠.

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