At Laval, I teach phonology and data analysis at the undergraduate (UG) and graduate (G) levels.


The phonology courses I teach include traditional frameworks ranging from SPE-style rules and distinctive features, autosegemental phonology, syllable theory, metrical phonology, and optimality theory. In more advanced courses (e.g., graduate-level courses), I also discuss probabilistic frameworks, the phonetics-phonology interface, and experimental approaches to research in phonology.

Data analysis

Chaotic dataI have developed an undergraduate course on data analysis based on the approach in my book. The course focuses on data analysis in R using tidyverse and research reports using Quarto, which includes reference management using bib files and web publication using Quarto Pub.

Both linear and logistic regression models are explored using numerous data sets in class and in homework assignments. The goal of the course is to introduce students to all the major stages in research: data collection, data analysis, and document typesetting to communicate findings. You can see an example of one of the projects in the course here. The course is accompanied by a Shiny app and supplemental HTML pages with exercises, corrections and reviews.

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