Data visualization and analysis in second language researchMy research program focuses on phonology and second language acquisition, more specifically on stress and prosody, and how subtle patterns in language can be acquired by speakers and second language learners. My doctoral thesis explored how syllable weight impacts word stress, and how native speakers acquire and generalize stress patterns present in their language.

I’m the author of Data visualization and analysis in second language research, a book focused on statistical methods applied to second language acquisition data using R. Quantitative methods play a central role in my research program, given my interest in subtle linguistic patterns.

I am involved in different projects as a member of the Second Language Acquisition Group in the Department of Linguistics at McGill. Two such projects are connected to a) high vowel deletion in Québec French (with Natália B. Guzzo and Heather Goad), and b) the role of prosody in pronoun interpretation in English (with Heather Goad, Lydia White and colleagues). Finally, I’m also working on the perception of affrication and aspiration in English-L2 (with Natália B. Guzzo) and on sonority-driven stress (with Kevin Ryan).

Below you can access my full CV as well as some selected publications and conference presentations. All of my publications are open access via preprints on OSF .

Main projects in progress
  • Sonority-driven stress (with Kevin Ryan)
  • Loanword adaptation in Brazilian Portuguese English (with Natália B. Guzzo)
  • L3 acquisition of Portuguese [Mandarin L1 English L2] (with Chao Zhou)
  • Metrical feet in English and Portuguese (with Heather Goad)
  • Talian corpus (Brazilian Veneto; with Natália B. Guzzo)

Virtually all of my publications, including conference presentations (posters and slides), can be accessed from my CV in PDF format.

PhD thesis

Selected publications


Journal articles

Proceedings and chapters

Selected Peer-Reviewed Conference Presentations

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