My workflow

Here’s a list of tools I use on a regular basis.

I use Mac OS. Most of what I do involves RStudio and LaTeX. I use LaTeX for everything I typeset: papers, slides, posters—I also used it for my PhD thesis and my book. When I have to use Word, I manage my references with EndNote (Mendeley is another option). Here’s a list of tools I use.

Main tools
  • Package management (Mac): Homebrew
  • Python: Jupyter Notebook
  • Experiments: Praat, Gorilla, SuperLab
  • Phonetics: Audacity and Praat
  • IPA fonts: tipa package in LaTeX + IPA Palette (Mac)
  • Notes: Dropbox Paper, Notes
  • Browser: Safari (Mac) and Vivaldi (cross-platform)
  • Cloud storage: Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive
  • Collaborative work: Google Docs, Dropbox Paper, Overleaf
  • Terminal: iTerm2 + oh-my-zsh with powerlevel10k theme + multiple plugins (git, web-search, copydir, copyfile, dirhistory, macos, sublime, zsh-autosuggestions). I also like to have a status bar at the bottom showing battery, CPU, memory, and network throughput
  • General: Automator for simple tasks on Mac OS, Cleanshot and Shottr for screenshots; Raycast for Mac
  • Photography: These days, mostly Apple’s Photos; Pixelmator Pro is my current go-to advanced tool. You can check some of my photos here. I have used Lightroom and CaptureOne

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